Benefits of using ZetaSafe alongside your CAFM system

Why you need ZetaSafe and CAFM!

Benefits of using ZetaSafe alongside your CAFM system

ZetaSafe is the market leading solution to accurately and efficiently Collect, Manage & Share data for health & safety risk management and environmental compliance.

Flexible and scaleable, ZetaSafe integrates into many CAFM (such as Qube Planet FM), Property, FM & PPM systems.

  • Proof that you are truly complying with all required tasks
  • Ideal for managing assets or specific items
  • Compliance oriented: is it compliant? did it pass/fail? does it cause significant risk? are tasks carried out when due?
  • Mobile: Schedule and collect data using smartphones, PDAs or tablets (Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded& iOS)
  • Real-time access to data, KPIs and reports

Taking advantage of ZetaSafe is simple. To arrange your free DEMO please call on: 01327 317 950 or email

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