Benefits of ZetaSafe

Manage ALL areas of compliance

ZetaSafe can be customised to suit your specific needs and is typically used to manage Water Hygiene, Legionella, Fire Safety & Emergency Lighting compliance.

  • Use independently or integrated with IoT, CAFM, FM & PPM systems
  • Comply with HSG274, HTMs, (HTM 04:01) & RRO 2005
  • Configure to collect, manage and share all types of business critical data
  • Financial benefits from maintaining your assets to an optimum condition

Accurately and efficiently schedule, collect, manage and share business critical compliance data – through the use of cloud and mobile technologies.

Water Safety

Fire Safety

Emergency Lighting

Lifts & Lifting

Gas & Electrical

Security Checks

Lab QA

Routine Checking

Custom Solutions

Water Safety / Legionella

Ensure Water Safety / Legionella compliance to ACoP L8 and HSG274 / HTM 04-01.

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Smartphones, tablets or even PDAs with bluetooth temperature probes can be used to collect data and the system is already programmed with the prescribed L8 and HSG274 temperature limits and frequencies and for the other manual inspections required too.

ZetaSafe Legionella logbook software puts you in control; you can schedule your tasks, manage failures or defects and analyse any trends. ZetaSafe makes it easier and more visible to help ensure compliance.

All workplaces have legal duties under the Health and Safety Executive’s publication of ‘The Control of Legionella bacteria in Water Systems – Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (ACoP L8)’ and Technical guidance HSG274. Statutory duties are placed on the duty holder (the person in control of the premises) who must appoint a ‘Responsible Person’ to manage the control of Legionella. Industry best practice is to carry out a site specific Legionella Risk Assessment on all water systems in the premises on a two yearly cycle and there is a duty to keep Monitoring data for five years. ZetaSafe legionella software is perfectly placed to meet this requirement.

This five year requirement means complex or extensive estates such as the Retail or Healthcare sectors can drown in paper. It’s near impossible to see trends from the routine tasks, making it even more difficult to act upon any issues. You’re running the risk of being non-compliant and worse still not effectively guarding against the potentially fatal threat of contracting Legionnaires’ disease.

Fire Safety

Comprehensive fire protection asset register, which can be edited to fit your exact needs.

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Fire safety assets that have sensors can tell you if they are working but most assets cannot self-diagnose or let you know they’re faulty. ZetaSafe has a comprehensive fire protection asset register which can be edited to fit your exact needs. ZetaSafe can give you real time vision of your fire risk management and inform the ongoing risk assessment process. All of your critical information can be easily accessed and shared, giving you peace of mind that you are managing the threat of fire in accordance with the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 and thereby reduce the possibility of any enforcement by the Fire and Rescue Service.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into force on 1/10/2006 and moved the burden of proof for compliance from the local fire authority to a person at the premises in question. Statutory duties are placed on the ‘responsible person’ who must complete a fire management plan and a management report, including a regularly reviewed and up to date fire risk assessment.

The Fire & Rescue services stringent enforcement of RRO 2005 means you can’t afford to neglect your duties. You need clear visibility of the condition and integrity of any fire protection assets, such as fire doors and dampers.

Emergency Lighting

Total visibility of your system and informs you of the exact location of non-conformances.

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In architecturally complex, mixed heritage or large estates, manual tasking and recording each weekly key switch or flick task can cause a mountain of paper records and managing the repair of defective emergency lights is very onerous.

ZetaSafe gives you complete real-time visibility of your emergency lighting system and informs you of the exact location of a non-conforming luminaire.

ZetaSafe brings you peace of mind as the strength of the audit trail means you can prove that every light or zone has been tasked.

Lifts & Lighting Equipment

Manage Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) compliance.

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These areas of compliance are managed by the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). The Regulations cover a wide range of scenarios, involving people and equipment, meaning you have to constantly plan and supervise your lifting operations to ensure safety. This time consuming duty means there’s always a check to perform and paperwork to file, when all you want is peace of mind that you’re compliant.

ZetaSafe can schedule these repetitious checks and give all of your critical compliance information at the touch of a button – ensuring that you’re preventing risk from and to your people and equipment.

Gas & Electrical Safety

Real-time visibility of your gas & electrical safety to protect your people and organisation.

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These areas of compliance are governed by the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

This obligatory task of ’compliance’ can take focus away from what’s really important – having real time visibility of your gas and electrical safety to protect your people and organisation.

Security Compliance

Bring real value to the information collected from building high priority security checks.

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Safeguarding building security is a high priority task. ZetaSafe can bring real value to the information collected from building security checks.

ZetaSafe enables you to easily view all of your important data, saving you time and effort while allowing you to minimise threats to your organisation, people, buildings, equipment or information building, equipment or information.

Lab Quality Assurance

Demonstrate that network sites meets the quality standards established by the corporate policy.

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Managing compliance with Global Quality Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in sites which have existing Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) can be an arduous task.

Large networks with global coverage need to capitalise and leverage their increased size for multinational customers. You need to demonstrate that tasking at the network sites meets the quality standards established by the network corporate policy.

ZetaSafe provides a configured system for all divisions of your business to convert from paper based data entry into digital business information gathering. This provides a level of transparency with customers who can access records on demand.

ZetaSafe automatically sends feedback to technicians when a value outside of SOP established tolerances is entered, eliminating the time spent on monitoring, tracking, calculating and interpreting data. ZetaSafe reduces the time and resources needed to audit sites while delivering accurate, real-time compliance information.

Routine Checking

ZetaSafe enables you to throw away your clipboard and gain total visibility of your data.

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ZetaSafe gives you the power to throw away your clipboard and piles of impenetrable paper records and gain total visibility of your data.

ZetaSafe can be personalised and adapted to cater to your exact needs, so even though there are some common applications, it can be used for any kind of recording of routine checking and tasking. Gain a real-time view of all of your critical data so that nothing can go unreported or unnoticed. ZetaSafe is the only way to intelligently collect, manage and share your compliance or business information.

The need to comply with either your own organisation’s or statutory requirements, can lead to endless repetitious record keeping which eats into your budget and time. You’re unable to schedule tasks, spot trends, control where the information goes and ultimately, you’re running the risk of failures being unreported or ignored.

Repetitious checking leads to a spiralling array of ad hoc spreadsheets and reports which are neither secure nor standardised. Simply performing the task and keeping a record doesn’t make you compliant – what’s important is the outcome or trends in these checks.

Custom Solutions

Customise ZetaSafe for most needs that require the collection, management and sharing of critical data.

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ZetaSafe uses mobile data collection, digital image capture and dashboard technologies to provide a clear, real-time dashboard view of what’s happening on the ground across your facility. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Peace of mind for ‘Responsible Executive

  • Efficient and comprehensive management of risk assessment and monitoring.
  • Rapid transmission of non compliances into an action alert system.
  • Creation of robust audit trail proving that you have properly designed and operated a satisfactory system according to your legal and regulatory duties.

Reduced Cost of Asset Ownership

  • Sustained productivity and optimum performance of assets.
  • Enhanced visibility and proactive management of assets.
  • Streamlined processes yielding  operational and economic benefits.

Reduced Costs of Compliance

  • Optimise the efficiencies of personnel involved in data collection.
  • Zeta Mobile app ensures that time spent in data collection is minimised.
  • Scheduling of monitoring work boosts workforce productivity.
  • Ensures non compliances are notified to the right people first time.

Effective Management Information

  • Configurable dashboard and detailed reports provide key information for overall visibility and management of compliance.
  • Compare performance and costs of each asset and/or location.
  • Monitor trends in overall performance and act upon them promptly.