CBRE trust ZetaSafe to manage compliance for Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

A new Engineering Manager had taken on the challenge of CBRE’s complex FM contract for Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

The Challenge

The Trust issue demanding SLAs for the 800 bed, general hospital and requires detailed reporting and regular updates on performance and productivity.

CBRE wanted to assure the Trust that the Hospital was compliant; especially as one of their buildings is an HIV unit with patients who are immunosuppressant and at a high risk of contracting Legionnaires’ disease.

On taking on management of this contract, the Engineering Manager first came to use ZetaSafe for Legionella risk management.

The Solution

The Engineering Manager worked closely with a member of the ZetaSafe support team who worked on site for one week offering consultancy, support and developing the system to meet the particular needs of CBRE and the NHS Trust.

In order to improve the use of ZetaSafe and to achieve the client’s vision, the database was completely reconfigured, assets were reassigned and scheduling was reworked to ensure that the system was as time-efficient, logical and productive as possible.

The Engineering Manager was thoroughly trained in the use of ZetaSafe and shown how to use more of ZetaSafe’s applications and features to ensure that he was fully utilising all that ZetaSafe has to offer.

In particular, the ZetaSafe dashboard was customised to meet the client’s needs, providing an at-a-glance management report on the KPIs of the current levels of compliance at the Hospital.


The Results

By receiving training from ZetaSafe and utilising more of the features and applications of ZetaSafe, the Engineering Manager found it much easier to manage his compliance and workforce.

The handheld users are now more productive due to the improvements to test schedules and asset management. The Engineering Manager is now able to track and manage the productivity of his workforce and report on their efforts.

The Engineering Manager can produce clear and accurate reports instantly offering greater visibility of compliance levels which are presented to the NHS Trust via clear dashboards and reports; demonstrating how well CBRE are meeting their SLAs.

By engaging with ZetaSafe and drawing on the advice and support offered, the Engineering Manager now has a close working relationship with ZetaSafe and feels that ZetaSafe understands his particular needs and the nuances of his organisation.

The Engineering Manager is now looking to use ZetaSafe to manage other areas of compliance, non- compliance related asset management and record keeping. In particular, he is planning to monitor medical gases. He is working closely with the ZetaSafe team to achieve this.

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