– ZetaSafe: The market leading safety & compliance software solution –


Collect your vital test, assessment and inspection results using ZetaSafe’s cloud based statutory compliance and asset collection logbook application. ZetaSafe runs on, smartphones, tablets and PDAs (Android, Windows & iOS); enabling field operatives to scan barcodes assigned to assets, input results, make comments and synchronise to the main database.

Results from asset tests are accurate and are instantly visible for management once the field operative synchronises their data via the internet; saving time, cutting costs and reducing paper.

MOBILISE TEAM – Mobilise your field team with sophisticated schedules, per task instructions, Health & Safety messages, review of work completed and multiple device support.

CLEAR, CONSISTENT ANALYSIS – Get consistent data and feedback using per asset standardised phrases, input masks, flexible input types.

ACTION ALERTS – Field operatives alerted immediately of any non-conformance and can say what action they have taken.


Manage the data gathered by field operatives by using ZetaSafe’s customisable dashboards, automated email notifications and streamlined workflows. Personalise your ZetaSafe dashboard to display your critical information in a format that is instantly interpreted; ensuring that you are in control, have full visibility and are certain of the quality of your data.

REAL TIME PERFORMANCE VIEW – See in real time the performance of your scheduled operations as well as the performance of your assets on your personal, configurable dashboard – in real time.

OPTIMISED REPORTING – Receive action alerts on failures as well as scheduled, automatic reports on your data. Automated workflows can manage escalations and also help to reduce the noise from sporadic non-conformances.

PRIORITISE RISKS – Zeta Intelligence can automatically prioritise action alerts on your dashboard based on a number of risk factors as well as instant identification of persistent non-conformances and persistent sub threshold warnings for immediate intervention or preventative maintenance.


ZetaSafe’s cloud-based software enables you to share information among team members, customers and partners in real time. With ZetaSafe’s automated customisable reports you can chose when to notify your stakeholders of important information. ZetaSafe’s custom roles and permissions determine each user’s level of access to data; ensuring that they only see information that is relevant to their position.

Real-time updates, version control and automated user alerts make sure that everyone has the latest, appropriate information. ZetaSafe ensures that throughout the organisation the correct information is available and remedial tasks and issues are dealt with efficiently.

CUSTOMISED VIEW – One platform with personal views and flexible roles allows for effective sharing of responsibilities as well as high level overviews of performance with multilingual support for global businesses.

INTELLIGENT INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION – Documents and images can be centrally managed from mobile devices as well as from uploads to the website. Documents can be associated with assets, locations and task results, can be tagged for ease of management and can also have expiry dates to give a complete compliance hub.