Coronavirus / Covid-19: ZetaSafe service continuity

In light of the fast evolving situation with Covid-19, we thought we would send a short message to all of our customers to assure you about ZetaSafe service continuity.

At ZetaSafe, we are a cloud based business through and through; this means that ALL of our service delivery, support and business operations infrastructure is on-line and has redundancy.

In accordance with the Government’s latest guidance, most ZetaSafe staff are now working from home, this will not affect how we deliver ZetaSafe or our business processes, as remote working was an established practice before the recent events.

Likewise, we continue to offer our customers consultation, training and support and other types of meeting via telephone or on-line meeting services.

We are mindful that for many of our clients, there are already challenges being felt and we at ZetaSafe will be there to support you with the flexibility and agility you would expect from us.

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