Inspiration for Innovation Programme

ZetaSafe is incredibly proud to have been part of the Silverstone Park Inspiration for Innovation Programme in partnership with Gaia Innovation over the past year.

One of the aims of the programme was to establish a pool of business volunteers who would support local schools in achieving the national goal to provide seven positive interactions for school pupils during their time at secondary school. Research shows that the more positive interactions pupils have with business the less likely they are to become NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

ZetaSafe was one of twenty other businesses who participated in this programme with Costa Christodoulou and Becky Allen as our ambassadors. Initiatives like this support ZetaSafe’s ethos to provide great alternative employment opportunities outside of normal career paths. Our own team is a diverse group, comprised of; school leavers, apprentices and university graduates who have all individually found their own success at ZetaSafe.

At the Inspirational Event that Costa and Becky participated in at Kingsthorpe College there was a total of 24 volunteers who made 1449 encounters. The impact of this single event alone was remarkable;

  • 55% considering a creative career
  • 57% considering technology career
  • 57% rethinking their GCSE options
  • 89% greater understanding of the Jobs of the Future
  • 91% greater understanding of the skills required
  • 93% of encounters recorded as meaningful!

A total of 1352 meaningful encounters.

Costa Christodoulou, Head of IT Systems at ZetaSafe comments, “I was fortunate enough to participate in a career networking event and part of a panel session in another visit. Talking and discussing my own personal experience in education and career path that lead me to ZetaSafe. The personal reward in participating cannot be underestimated and seeing the impact results reaffirms it.”

Becky Allen, Client Manager at ZetaSafe adds, “My experience with Gaia Innovation’s School project has been thoroughly enjoyable. I was aware from the start how this project could benefit many of the students we were going to meet, however one aspect that I hadn’t considered was the positive influences that these interactions would have on my own personal confidence and development. The project has helped me to understand more around my own personal skills and talents whilst hopefully inspiring many ambitious young people (from a range of backgrounds) to do the same.

Danielle Humphreys, Client Engagement Manager at Gaia Innovation adds “Costa Christodoulou and Becky Allen of ZetaSafe have been great advocates for the ‘Inspiration for Innovation’ programme run by Gaia Innovation on behalf of Silverstone Park. Their volunteering contribution in visiting schools both individually and as part of Inspirational Events has ensured that the pupils involved have had encounters with ‘real models’ from the world of work which supports Gatsby Benchmark 5 in conjunction with the Government Careers Strategy. Costa and Becky have brought their expertise and personal experiences alive for the youngsters and are a pleasure to work with. I look forward to our sustained collaboration as the programme moves into year two.” 

A huge thank you to the team here at Silverstone Park and Gaia Innovation who have facilitated the programme and coordinated the volunteers.

And we’re not stopping there. The programme is going into its second year with greater aims and goals and ZetaSafe are delighted to contribute with even more volunteers.

About ZetaSafe

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About Gaia Innovation

Gaia Innovation Ltd is a non-profit Social Enterprise founded by Julia Muir to facilitate positive interactions between students and employers in order to inspire young people to equip themselves with higher-level skills, and to connect employers and universities to diverse talent pools.

They are funded by sponsors, employers and universities, and therefore their services are always free of charge to schools and students.

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