What are your top 10 NEW ZetaSafe features?

Here at ZetaSafe, we love to bring NEW features to our customers. We asked Ashley Russell (pictured below), one of our front line team members who regularly talks directly with customers, what he thought our customers’ top 10 NEW ZetaSafe features were.

Read on to find out what he thought… 


Channel and Client Administrators can now delete schedules. This allows the end-user to delete past and future individual schedules whilst fully auditing any deletions made, giving the ability to rectify mistakes without the need to await contact with support.


“Act on Selected”, “Act on All” and “Report in Spreadsheet” functions have been added to search results. This simple addition makes it even easier for customers to search and make changes to and export data.



Where an asset does not have a barcode, the asset export will now list the location of that asset. This is very useful not only to help locate assets but also for those customers that do not use barcodes as an identifier for their monitoring points.


Duplicate asset types into other schemes. This feature allows you to move an asset type you’ve created in one scheme and to copy this into a different scheme. This function has really helped to decrease the time it takes to create new schemes.


The action menu for locations has been added directly to the location explorer. This makes it much quicker to access and make changes to the location by reducing the number of clicks within the process.


Maximum file size for upload increased from 10MB to 100MB. We were listening!


“Download All” button for reports.


The “All Notes” report for result and asset notes now has the option to show any pictures attached.


“Task and Schedule exports” can now be scheduled.


General bug squishing and performance increases!

We appreciate all the feedback we get from our customers and will continually strive to improve our software to ensure users have the best experience possible.

Do you agree with Ashley’s Top 10 ?

If you have any ideas of your own, then please email support@zetasafe.com us or call 01865 920 190 to let us know.

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