ZetaSafe: approved supplier on UK Government’s G-Cloud Digital Marketplace

ZetaSafe named as approved supplier on UK Government’s Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 9, meaning that we are able to offer ZetaSafe Cloud software via G-Cloud 9 to the public sector.

The new version of G-Cloud will make it easier to find suitable services and suppliers thanks to new sub-category functionality.

Why procure through G Cloud 9?

  • Buying services through G Cloud 9 framework is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts.
  • All public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, can use the Digital Marketplace.

All G-Cloud suppliers have:

  • confirmed information about their company and the way they work
  • added information about the services that they offer

Read about how suppliers have been evaluated.

View the list of G-Cloud suppliers.

What is  G Cloud 9?

The G-Cloud Digital Marketplace is a free online procurement platform to help public sector organisations choose and purchase cloud computing services covering infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services. The framework is for commodity based, pay-as-you go cloud services across three areas:

1. Cloud hosting

Find cloud platform or infrastructure services to help you:

  • deploy, manage and run software
  • provision and use processing, storage or networking resources. e.g. content delivery networks or load balancing services.

2. Cloud software

Find software applications that are accessed over the internet and hosted in the cloud. e.g. accounting tools or customer service management software.

3. Cloud support

Find cloud support services to help you set up and maintain your cloud software or hosting services e.g. migration services or ongoing support.

About ZetaSafe

ZetaSafe compliance management software is the cloud based solution to accurately and efficiently Collect,Manage and Share data for H&S management and compliance. Schedule and Collect data using smartphones, PDAs or tablets. Manage your assets and monitor compliance via your ZetaSafe dashboard. Share business critical information through powerful reporting tools.


  • Legionella software gives real-time visibility of compliance to ACoP L8
  • ZetaMobile app ensures that time spent collecting data minimised
  • Saas making your data readily accessible from anywhere
  • Compliance Performance trend analysis
  • Eliminates possibility of losing records and audit trail
  • Real-time access and enhanced visibility of key management information
  • Schedule and Collect detailed information with photos & audit trail
  • Customisable dashboards provide an overview of your entire organisation
  • Stay organised and easily manage compliance certification documentation
  • Thorough search facility enables quick location of vital data


  • Peace of mind for the Responsible Person
  • Increase efficiencies, access real-time data and enhance decision making
  • Peace of mind that you are complying with building standards
  • Extensively configurable to your exact needs with built in workflows
  • Secure records and audit trail, readily accessible from anywhere
  • Monitor trends in overall performance and act upon them promptly
  • Rapid transmission of non compliances into an action alert system.
  • Ease of Use and flexibility to integrate with other systems
  • Manage all areas of compliance – Reduced Costs of Compliance
  • Effective Management Information.

View our comprehensive listing on the G-Cloud 9 Digital Marketplace.

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