Compliance & Monitoring for Asbestos Risk Register: Electronic logbook software

ZetaSafe Asbestos risk software is the ideal way to schedule tasks and record results from the most recent asbestos inspections.

Having to perform regular checks of the asbestos register can result in an unmanageable amount of paper
and a unclear picture of the status across your whole organisation. Using ZetaSafe is the ideal way to record results from the most recent asbestos inspections. ZetaSafe allows you to track and monitor the presence and condition of asbestos, ensuring you have total awareness and control of the situation. ZetaSafe can be used to fulfil all of your statutory requirement needs.

With ZetaSafe’s electronic risk software you are in controlasbestos-safety-electronic-logbook-software

  • Schedule your tasks
  • Manage failures or defects
  • Analyse any trends

ZetaSafe makes it easier and more visible to help ensure compliance.

The HSE’s publication, Managing and Working with Asbestos: Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, ACoP and guidance and covers the prohibition, the control at work and licensing of asbestos. The publication replaces the previous 2006 law and consolidates two previously separate ACoPs into one.

The duty to manage asbestos applies to the owners and occupiers of commercial premises. It is recommended that a survey be undertaken so that a register, risk assessment and management plan can be created. The asbestos risk register needs to be updated on a regular basis to inspect and monitor any changes to the status and location of asbestos.

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