Our story

The Principals of ZetaSafe had accumulated some thirty years of experience between them in the water industry and as innovators, they felt that advancing mobile technology could provide better levels of service, transparency and value to their clients than the prevailing practices at that time. The vision was a tool for data collection that could instantly transmit field results to an operational headquarters, prompting any remedial action that be required, schedule the next check and provide an audit trail to prove that legal obligations were being observed. And so ZetaSafe was born.

Over the following years ZetaSafe Limited operated within the Zeta Compliance Group plc alongside divisions providing water, air, fire and related compliance services and then later as an independent business. Whilst ZetaSafe compliance software for health and safety risk management has a range of built in features that directly apply to those particular compliance services, its essential structure and flexibility has led to it also being used to solve a wide variety of other business problems.

ZetaSafe today

Now being part of the Micad family, we are dedicated to deploying our accumulated expertise to bring business benefits to Service Providers using ZetaSafe as an essential tool in their provision of compliance and/or facilities management services as well as to client organisations for their own compliance. ZetaSafe operates around the clock and across the globe protecting people, places and assets.

ZetaSafe Limited is registered in England & Wales with Company Number 04694186
Registered Office – 8 St Georges Court, Dairyhouse Lane, Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 5UA

Trusted for over 20 years

ZetaSafe is used by over 1000 organisations across all sectors, including: universities, hospitals, councils, retail and hotels