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Ecosystem: ZetaSafe connects with trusted applications through seamless integration

Plexus Innovation

GUARDIAN is a remote, real-time, digital monitoring alternative to facilities, regulatory compliance and energy management manual measurements and integrates directly into ZetaSafe. Fast and easy to install, GUARDIAN is cost-effective, reliable and more convenient than manual methods.


ProntoForms makes it easy for remote workers to collect data on a mobile device, access company data in the field, and automatically share the results with back-office systems, cloud services, and people. ZetaSafe have partnered with leading forms provider ProntoForms to create ZetaSurvey.

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ZetaSafe integrates with ETI bluetherm temperature probes to enable seamless data capture. ETI is an award-winning digital thermometer manufacturer, producing digital and infrared thermometers for food service and industry together with dataloggers, moisture meters, humidity and pH meters.

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ZetaSafe enables users to manage T-Safe shower and point of use filter schemes effectively. The T-Safe product range has been designed to assist Duty Holders and Responsible Persons in complying with the requirements of HSE ACoP L8 and HTM 04 01.

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The latest innovation from Cistermiser, LinkThru TMU delivers remote real-time monitoring of water temperatures on a 24/7 basis directly to ZetaSafe. Cistermiser design and manufacture washroom control products that are water efficient, easy to install, hygienic, proven and reliable.

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ZetaSafe is able to share data with the field service management software solution Oneserve, enabling you to: schedule maintenance work through mobile devices, record real-time job data, control stock and parts, monitor performance, invoice quickly and effectively and analyse and report with ease.

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MRI Planet

ZetaSafe works with MRI’s Planet (formerly Qube Planet) predominantly within Healthcare and Universities. ZetaSafe can share data such as high priority notes and location hierarchy’s with MRI Planet FM Software creating a seamless ecosystem for health and safety compliance.

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4D Monitoring

ZetaSafe is able to share data with end-to-end building monitoring solution 4D Monitoring. Enabling collaboration between owners, agents, managers, consultants and service providers to provide intuitive insights and make property portfolios energy efficient.

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IoT Solutions Group

Technology solutions that deliver value from data, helping organisations to make better decisions through insight. Their discreet remote sensing solutions collect data for analysis and real-time automated decision making for care, compliance, parking, waste management, facilities management.

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