Higher Returns and/or Lower Cost of Ownership

ZetaSafe’s statutory compliance and asset collection software enables Asset Productivity & Efficiency for Estate, Asset & Facilities Managers. It has been developed over the years as the key tool for organisations needing to ensure legal and regulatory compliance around the built environment.

Over this period we have seen delivered many imaginative examples of its use being extended to encompass other business needs – in particular around standardisation of service delivery, quality management and business intelligence – all on a global scale.

In its essence ZetaSafe, is an up to date cloud based facility that:

  • Efficiently collects data from assets which are typically dispersed via mobile devices and other sources (Electronic Statutory Compliance Logbook)
  • Transmits that data securely to a managed central database
  • Triggers action according to user defined rules
  • Gives visibility over individual actions and collective overviews / benchmarks
  • Has scalable system architecture and multi-lingual support

If you would like to learn more about utilising the power of ZetaSafe to improve the productivity of your assets and/or reduce the cost of ownership with the help of our business experts then contact us.