Create, complete, submit

  • Create scheduled, fully customisable form-based question sets using pre-populated commentary, auto fill fields, pictures, co-ordinates, graphics, signatures etc.
  • Complete detailed surveys, inspections and audits using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Save documents as drafts or submit to a colleague or line manager for review and quality assurance.
  • Submit surveys to the ZetaSafe cloud, where actions can be prioritised and escalated directly to the ZetaSafe dashboard and online reporting suite.

Seamless integration

  • Extract and share key site and asset information, schedule completion and remedial action plans.
  • Consolidate documentation alongside scheduled planned preventative maintenance (PPM) tasks and data, to complete the cycle for a fully auditable compliance experience.
  • ZetaSurvey can be used for many purposes including risk assessments, detailed inspections and audits across a range of compliance areas, legislative and internal policy standards.

How it works

  • Create a Questionnaire – Sharing key asset and location data from the ZetaSafe Cloud, quickly pre- populate fields and information, using further available functions including multi-selects, commentary fields, pictures and audit metadata.
  • Schedule events – Add events in ZetaSafe to schedule questionnaires due for completion ensuring that you never miss an audit or inspection.
  • Survey – Complete questionnaires from a smart phone or tablet. Eradicate inefficient and uneconomical paperwork. Improve internal processes and work-flows.
  • Quality Assurance – Submit forms directly to a line manager or colleague to ensure verification, or send straight to the ZetaSafe cloud with selected user’s receiving emailed copies of your PDF documents upon submission.
  • Manage actions – Actions are sent instantly to your ZetaSafe dashboard, ensuring that users are alerted in a timely manner. Manage actions alongside other PPM non-conformances to maintain a full audit of completed works. Use the’Action Plan Report’ to highlight survey failures and deficiencies.
  • Report – Store PDF versions of completed forms alongside PPM assets, locations and task data – all accessible 24/7 directly from the ZetaSafe dashboard. Send directly to users and store all associated risk and PPM information in one central hub.
  • Make changes – Need to make a change or update your survey or inspection? No problem, dispatch the document back to users whilst maintaining a fully auditable version history within your ZetaSafe dashboard.

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