ZetaSafe: The Next Generation!

ZetaSafe, the market leader in health, safety and environmental risk management technology, today announced a new release of its software.The latest release of ZetaSafe improves performance, adds new features and offers even greater flexibility for the user.

Designed to manage, monitor & track all areas of compliance such as water, fire and emergency lighting, ZetaSafe is trusted by over 1000 education, healthcare, local government and facilities management organisations.

“As we continue to invest heavily in product research and development, the functionality of ZetaSafe is advancing rapidly.” says Andrew Dobbins, Managing Director of ZetaSafe. He continues: “With this latest version, we have again improved the speed and performance of ZetaSafe, while at the same time incorporating many new features requested by our growing customer base.”


Some of the new and improved features waiting for you on ZetaSafe:

  • Fully mobile responsive for any device
  • Enhanced speed and performancew640_8171032_qubeconnectpartner_final_outlines
  • Easily customisable and flexible
  • Enhanced productivity and user experience
  • Direct integration with Qube Planet FM

Enhanced speed and performance

ZetaSafe is now even more able to respond to changes in system load so clients can be assured of consistent speed and performance. Dobbins continues. ”We have also worked on the ergonomics of the solution, reducing key clicks wherever we can to enhance productivity and user experience. Moreover, by embracing latest platform technologies and migrating ZetaSafe to the latest distributed service architecture from Microsoft Azure we are able to develop and deploy more quickly, enjoy better connectivity with other business systems, be even more resilient and even better at globalisation – all in all, we can offer even more value and usability to all of our clients more quickly while minimising the pressures of cost.

Also introduced with this release is the direct integration with Qube Planet FM CAFM system, meaning that clients will no longer have to re key data and will be able to take advantage of best of breed systems working seamlessly together.

Improved user interface

ZetaSafe is now fully mobile responsive, displaying perfectly regardless of the device. In addition, there are now 4 columns on the dashboard, allowing for greater visibility of asset performance at a glance. In addition, it can be easily customised to reflect an organisation’s brand identity – enhancing user adoption.

Seamless and free migration

Upgrading is seamless and free updates will be available via ZetaSafe and ZetaSafe Service Providers. Early 2017 brings you your new ZetaSafe.

Andrew Dobbins concludes, “Our clients’ input into the future of ZetaSafe is key to us and we welcome feedback on further enhancement we can make to ensure that we meet current and future needs .”

For more information on ZetaSafe, please visit contact sales@zetasafe.com our or call 01327 317 950.


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