Spotlight on: Work experience at ZetaSafe

At ZetaSafe, we invest heavily in career development, training and bringing the right people into the business. Our apprenticeship and work experience opportunities give young talented people the chance to kick-start their careers. Below we hear from local sixth form student Katherine, about her one-day a week work experience, which started in December 2017.

How did you come across ZetaSafe? What was the process in gaining the placement?

“I was fortunate enough to have links to a member of MEPC Centre staff, who recommended ZetaSafe as her son had too completed work experience here. I contacted ZetaSafe via email speculatively with regards to the possibility of a work experience placement. There was a very quick turn around and within two days I was in communication with Costa Christodoulou, Head of IT Systems, regarding a potential opportunity. I was invited in for an informal chat to discuss the experience – and it was exactly what I was looking for. Two weeks later, I started my first day.”

Can you explain some of the things that you are spending your time doing?

“I have been involved in the creation of Support videos which have been published and are available for all our customers to access. I have helped Chris Wiles, Technical Director to test sections of code for ZetaSafe and I have researched how Linux / Docker works (Docker is an open platform for developers and system administrators to build, ship, and run distributed applications, whether on laptops, data centre VMs, or the cloud.)”

What experiences are you gaining?

“I have gained a vast number of experiences including: using and testing the ZetaSafe software, video creation and editing and working in an office / technical environment.”

How are you finding working amongst the team?

“So far I have found my work experience at ZetaSafe really fun and valuable. The team welcomed me and I have fitted in really easily.”

How do you think that this work placement will help you going forward – are you learning any transferable skills?

“My work experience will undoubtedly help me going forward. Working amongst a professional team and learning to independently showcase my own talents have been particularly useful. I have learnt how to collaborate with my colleagues and definitely enhanced my communication skills (emails, written and verbal).”

Do you have any dislikes or anything that you are finding particularly challenging? Alternatively, is there anything that you are enjoying and have found that you are good at? Any surprises?

“There isn’t anything about my experience that I haven’t enjoyed. I am really happy with the diverse nature of the work I am undertaking. I feel confident in trying something new for myself, safe in the knowledge that there is support waiting for me should I need it.”

Did you have any personal goals set for your time here? Have you achieved any of these yet? What can we do to help you achieve these?

“My overall aim was to gain experience working in an office environment, as this was not something that my school could teach me. I can see myself working in this type of environment in the future.”

Is there anything that you would like to experience here, but haven’t yet?

“Being on the telephone support helpdesk isn’t something that I would like to do – however, having seen the support team in action, I really admire how they remain calm and work methodically, ensuring customer enquiries are resolved quickly. In the future, I would like to study Maths at University, so I think that getting some experience of the financial side of the business would be beneficial”

Costa Christodoulou B.A.(Hons) MBCS (pictured right), Head of IT Systems, ZetaSafe adds,Here at ZetaSafe we like to provide opportunities to people who show real determination to learn and advance themselves, and Katherine has proved herself over the last few months.“

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